Misplacing the bookmark

I lost my place today.  I was working on a project and was interrupted, and suddenly I forgot what I was supposed to be doing.

Then I realized there were 20 things I was supposed to be doing.  And I wondered to myself, Why didn’t I just call in sick today?

On the bright side, I broke the cycle of procrastination.  I worked on the project I had put aside.  And in doing so I found that I accomplished more once I broke through this barrier than last week while procrastinating; it seems that I wasted a lot of energy procrastinating, which was then freed up once I let go of the ridiculous fear that held me back.

I observe people at work, and have a bit of dialogue with myself.  I might think How on earth does he keep a job when so little work is produced? or I am impressed with her ability to handle a problem or Where did she get those cute shoes? Thinking about these things not only amuses me, it teaches me how to approach problems, and what kind of professional image I want to project.  The negative observations are just as important; I compare myself to the observed behavior and wonder if I am doing the same types of things, so that I can stop doing them.  I certainly do not always effectively apply these lessons, but I am trying.  It is just far more interesting to continually learn than to merely show up.

I ended up finding my bookmark, clearing some emails, completing a project, answering 20 questions, and leaving well satisfied for a Monday.


4 responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more I myself am a queen procrastinator and boy does it take energy not using energy! I think that by trying to learn the lessons and not just showing up is an incredible trait to an amazing person… aye life would be so boring without little and big hurdles… and of course shoes!

    Am still searching for pink gardening shoes the closes I come to is croc’s and between you and me they can stay right in the shop thank you very much! Mind you I don’t garden in order to save the plants lives so perhaps its a good thing! 😀 Glad you survived monday and thanks for sharing, it really is inspiring!

  2. Men are from Mars, women from Venus……. a bloke would never look at a colleague and think “where did he get those shoes/cufflinks/tie from?”

    Except that my colleaguse on a friday might look at my tie, run away screaming and shouting “where the frell did he get that tie?!!”

    BritInCalifornia can testify that my Friday Ties (we were not allowed a “dress-down friday” at UnaCrap) were in violation of several major arms limitation treaties, and could kill at 40 paces.

  3. A man on my team has taken a few vacation days off during the past year – all but one related to his car.

    Men are just as shallow, just in different ways.

    SanityFound, I have tried and tried but cannot locate the pink gardening shoes. It seems they have been discontinued! 😦

  4. Dang! Ok will have to buy the factory that is just a catastrophe them ending the line!

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