Rules of engagement

Years ago my husband and I both enjoyed messing about with our pc’s to customize them.  We had all sorts of useful gizmos attached, could install multiple hard drives and even configure them correctly, had awesome performance-enhancing software, and we assisted friends with their own problems and challenges.

Now, the thought of doing so is oppressive to me.   I can’t even recall the lingo.  As a consequence I have grown remarkably ignorant about appropriate software, adequate memory, etc. When people are discussing their pc configurations, to me it is as if they are discussing sports because I hear Blah, blah, blah and start thinking about something else like the next db project I am working on, or what shoes I want to wear tomorrow.

My husband is no longer a generalist; he is now specialized in music related applications.

Perhaps there ought to be a regulation requiring that one partner in each union maintain MCSE or A+ certification.


2 responses

  1. Hmmm to me having two computer literate people in one house is heaven – I have experienced and busy going through the trauma yet again with people who are clueless and well my sanity is not found, it is very much lost!

  2. amberfireinus | Reply

    That is why you have geek friends like David and I…..

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