Being a girl means having cute shoes

I leave for a two-week jaunt to Europe in 6 weeks.  My mother keeps asking what I am bringing, then promptly shares the contents of her suitcase, though I have not asked. 

This has been going on for weeks.

This evening I decided I would consider what I ought to bring, as necessarily one might be required to do a bit of shopping if the correct travel items aren’t readily available in the closet.

Clothing is no problem.  I have plenty of clothing, plan to pack quite light and rinse things out periodically.  Thus it was quite a simple task to mentally tick off the items that will be included in the suitcase:  a crinkly linen skirt, summerweight trousers, 2 summer dresses, a couple of tank tops and a couple of shirts.  Easy to pack and unpack.  Easy to wear.  Easy to wring out in a hotel room sink.

My trouble is shoes.

Why? you might ask.  My husband did ask, as a matter of fact.  He in fact laughed when I told him that the current shoe wardrobe would not do. 

I want to pack light, and shoes are typically the heaviest items.  I want to be comfortable, and I feel discomfort first in my feet.  I want to look put together, and there is no worse faux pas than a cute outfit marred by ugly shoes.  There will be photographic evidence of this trip, and I don’t want to look like the unfashionable stupid American tourist – much prefer, the stylishly dressed stupid American tourist.


7 responses

  1. I agree it is the PERFECT opportunity to re kit the shoe wardrobe in my books oooo what fun! Hmph now quite jealous!

    If its June/July you’re talking about don’t pack a thing except for essentials, it’s major sales time that is just pure heaven ALL the shops go nuts! … Unless you are taking an empty bag with you of course! Good luck with the shoes I always seem to take too many it’s a pain in the royal donkey…

  2. Yay – sales! Maybe I’ll pack 2 pair of shoes and buy the rest in Paris.

  3. 1 pair Teva scandals is all the footwear you’ll need.

  4. But they are so ugly!

  5. Aha! Found a pair that don’t look too Earth Motherish. It’s a miracle. And here I was, cursing Teva as if it was the Spawn of Satan.

  6. amberfireinus | Reply

    I think that you should remember that Europeans don’t bother wearing heels for the most part. Style and shoes really only happen in Italy. The rest of the countries wear very ugly comfy shoes because of the cobble stone streets.

    Im thinking some very cute flat mary-jane type black shoes… built for comfort with the sophisticated edge to them.

  7. Then, perhaps I will be a veritable fashionista in the new comfy-yet-chic shoes I ordered last night from (drumroll, please) Zappos. Woo hoo!

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