Another Reason to Enjoy Shoe Shopping

A colleague sent me a link today to this story about Zappos, the well-known online shoe resource.

Zappos has a unique recruitment and retention strategy.  When a new person is hired, they receive their job training, then after a probation period, Zappos offers the employee $1000 cash to resign.  The philosophy is that the employees who don’t take the money are the real keepers.  It’s a simple idea, and now that I am writing about this I imagine as well that there have been studies done to quantify exactly how much a less-than-dedicated employee costs a company.

Presumably there is an attraction to continuing one’s employment at Zappos, or there would be no employees left – all would have taken the G and run.

And by the way, I speak from experience when I say that the company provides exceptional customer service. 


2 responses

  1. Hmmm never needed an excuse before but this one will definitely come in handy!

    From experience the cost for a bad hire is not only monetary but it can also make or break a company, one wrong hire can floor you before you know it…

    I am having a serious culture gap off to go research zappos 😦

  2. amberfireinus | Reply

    DSW is having another sale…… hint hint 🙂

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