Something Cute to Keep it Light

Cute video my husband found on msn ….  a baby Hampster eating his first broccoli.  Adorable, even though broccoli is in the category of ‘Foods I Won’t Eat Unless A Gun Is Held To My Head’.


6 responses

  1. awwwws I have never seen anything eat broccoli so excitedly, need that smile thanks you 😀

  2. amberfireinus | Reply

    Are you and David twins? I can’t get him to eat anything green either… hmmmm

  3. I eat some green stuff. I love spinach, in fact. Asparagus = yummy. Peas are okay. I grew green beans at one time and would eat them uncooked – very tasty. Just don’t like broccoli. It’s … well, ew.

  4. I used to hate broccoli, all brassicas in fact, until I found out that my aversion had been caused by a mother who boiled them to death. Best eaten when they have been barely wafted near a breath of tepid water (and therefore yummy and crunchy!)

    Didn’t a certain George Bush Snr have a falling out with American farmers after he disdained the broccoli?

  5. Hey hey now! No need to insult me by insinuating I have anything in common with that elder fascist Bush!

  6. Yeah, George Sr. didn’t relish broccoli. But the farm subsidy (you know about the farm subsidy, right? It’s that program that pays farmers to grow stuff that they then sell for profit?) more than made up for that.

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