… and it’s not in the closet

We all have skeletons of one sort or another.  Most are rather dull, some are mildly interesting, and a few are downright scandalous.  Most of us sweep them into a closet and almost forget about them.

In the UK, they do something a little bit different:  they frame themYour new housemate.


8 responses

  1. Typical Brits is all I can say … what is worse, it being there in the first place or that it has been named the Roman Princess! Well at least this is a new concept, when you want to move on just sell your skeletons to the next sucker 😀

  2. amberfireinus | Reply

    Brits are so kinky…. his Roman Princess… what kind of sick puppy is he I wonder? Does he dress her up and beg her to spank him or what! Sick sick sick!

  3. Certainly displays a bit of a warped sense of humor!

  4. …I’m just not going to get involved in this at all!

  5. What? And miss the ribald comments?

    And really, amberfireinus, what is so kinky about dressing up the skeleton and begging her to spank him? I don’t understand. 😉

  6. amberfireinus | Reply

    Ok Ilegirl, I dub thee… honorary Brit – for kink beyond belief!

  7. Ok I needed this laugh this morning and NOW I can’t stop!!!

  8. […] was the fact that my suspicion of Brits being kinky was confirmed. Ilegirl shared a story of …and it’s not in the closet! Well I won’t spoil it for you but I can say it was spooky. Followed by that her post on Sad […]

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