A Blustery Day

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a chick-flick, The Jane Austen Book Club.  Of course, this led to re-reading Pride and Prejudice, which this evening was completed and returned to the bookshelf.

Hungering for something else to read, I pulled a copy of Ovid’s The Metamorphoses from the shelf.

I’d read this back in high school when, as part of my riotous youth, I aspired to become a writer of Things Largely Unread.  Like, for example, The Metamorphoses.

Having focussed on the hilarity of the stories during my adolescence, I was surprised to rediscover the poetry of the piece and on this blustery day found the following particularly appropriate:

Of the Four Winds:  each had his home and yet

So wildly the Brothers quarrel, even now

The world is almost torn in a war of winds.


3 responses

  1. Wow those words are incredible, how awfully true and poetically prophetic! Admittedly I am yet to read the Metamorphoses, now added to the list of to-do’s 🙂

  2. Aren’t they wonderfully evocative?

    As the saying goes, Too many books, too little time.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, too few hours in the day its what makes recommendations so important, you get to skip the nonsense!

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