Blues Doggie

Pathetic pupMy little angel has the blues.  She’s got the low-down, dirty blues.  One day she was at the groomers getting styled with a field cut for the summer, and next she is being rushed to the vet for emergency foxtail removal surgery.  Life is rough when you’re a dog living at Circle N Ranch.

Our old dog Charly was a music lover.  I sang to him all the time.  Remember the Charlie perfume theme song?  Yep – custom made for my dog.  I adapted lyrics:  Psycho Puppy from the Talking Heads, Your Food’s in Jeopardy from … whomever that was in the ’80’s.  Charly loved it!  He would dance around with a smile on his dear little face.  He was artistic.  He was sensitive.  When my great-aunt passed away, Charly comforted my tears.

This one … not musical.  The cat is more musical than little Sadie.  The cat is also far more sensitive than Sadie – don’t let those sad eyes fool you!  She is an athlete, not an aesthete.   She may have a pretty face, but she is not a dainty little wussy girl.  This is why the vet bills for 5-year-old Sadie have already outstripped those for Charly during all of his 14 years.  We ought to have purchased stock in the company that manufactures these cones.


4 responses

  1. Sadie sounds like a teenager and just look at those eyes! Sheesh she could train the best of us with that look! Do you think she can train me for when next I walk into a visa office??? lol who ever said animals are not human need to think again! (for the record I am not stating that I am an animal… seriously)

  2. Music for dogs part 1: Seamus from Meddle by Pink Floyd.

  3. SF – that face, that fabulous face … She has her dogmom wrapped around her little paw.

    @mmo – is this in the tradition of Eno’s Music for Airports?

  4. Not really, it’s Pink Floyd with backing vocals from an Irish Wolfhound called “Seamus” Seamus

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