10 Things

So gee thanks Sanity Found. I now have to reveal my deep, dark secrets.  Or the interesting things that have happened in my life.

That is really a shame, as I don’t have any.  At least, not anything that isn’t at the least R-rated.   I might have to make something up. Maybe more than one thing. Hmmm … this gives me an idea …

So, which are truth and which are fiction?

1.  I was a professional musician for about 5 years.  People paid me money to play for weddings, church services, classical events, and even funerals.  I always found being paid for funerals rather creepy, so I donated that money to charity.

2.  I was obsessed with Brian Eno when I was a kid.  I had a picture of him pasted inside of my high school locker.  Other students passing by would ask Is that your boyfriend? and more often than not I said Yes, yes it is.

3.  I speak 4 languages:  English (well, the American dialect), Spanish, German and Mandarin.  Don’t ask me to write in anything other than English, though!  My spelling is atrocious.

4.  One of my Mormon ancestors was one of the murdering hoard in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, in 1857.  The shame of this means I am unable to have any sort of rational dialogue about the LDS church.

5.  My father was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War.  His alternative service was for VISTA, and we spent two years at a Native American reservation outside of Henderson, Nevada where he taught math and history.

6.  I once convinced a boyfriend I was really a rich heiress from Jamaica, living with my legal guardians in California.

7.  At 17, I was arrested for shoplifting a pair of shoes.  I spent several hours at the women’s jail in Pleasanton, where I met some very friendly prostitutes.  The shoplifting charges were dropped when I confessed and agreed to make restitution.

8.  I am related to the late General Douglas MacArthur.  He was my great-great-Uncle.

9.  I can take apart and reassemble a stereo system, but cannot tell the difference between left and right.

10. I met George Lucas at his niece’s Bat mitzvah in 1977.  His niece was one of my father’s students.  Lucas’ son was about 11 years old at the time, and was crazy for math.  My dad made up math games that they sat and played all evening long.


2 responses

  1. The word fiction didn’t throw me off at alls hmph… I am gulible which is a dangerous thing so now I shall tell people that I know this crazy chick who speaks American, is a heiress from Jamaica mon and even better knows just the place to find the perfect shoes!

  2. Well, all except 3, 5 and 7 are true.

    The boyfriend was … well, we’ll say he was slightly dim-witted, despite the fact that he went to Yale. Or perhaps, that might explain?

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