I see a trans-Atlantic flight in your future …

… said the psychic.

Next Saturday my husband and I fly to Frankfurt, then on to Paris for an abbreviated visit.  We then rail over to Switzerland, where we spend the balance of our days in the company of my parents, who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in August.

I am dutifully preparing.  The packing list has been completed, 3-oz travel bottles purchased, the pet arrangements confirmed, a few Euros and Swiss francs secured for cab fares, and a pretty journal secured.

I am, however, rather tormented with doubt, and being rather irritable about it.

First, I am not accustomed to being in such close quarters with family.  We will be constantly together for two whole weeks.   While I have no real issues with my family, we are not terribly close either.  So I am apprehensive.

Next, I have never ever been away from home for so many consecutive days.  Usually after about 3 days away, I am ready to come home.  I want my bed, I want my washing machine, I want my own food, I want my own bathroom.  I am actually not a finicky sort, but I like my privacy and I like my nest.  The best vacations for me are those where we have a night or two away, and the balance enjoying our home and neighborhood.

Additionally, I don’t like being away from the office for so many days.  One of the men at work took a two-week trip last year and spent a month catching up.  That is not relaxing!

Too, I understand that Europeans tend to dislike Americans.  I am told that they believe we are all fascist pigs who voted for George W. Bush.  Silly Europeans!  Bush did not win the popular vote!  And few Americans would vilify all French people, for example, for electing Sarkozy.  Of course, this is probably because most Americans are too ignorant to know who Sarkozy actually is.

Finally, I will miss my dog.  If she is not with me, I have difficulty sleeping.

On the bright side, there are lots of new experiences to be had.  I will stumble through Paris exercising my rusty French in a terrible American accent – but at least I have a chic haircut!    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will enjoy the food, be inspired by the surroundings, and vow to return when I have the freedom to spend more than 3 days in the city.

Switzerland ought to be grand as well.  If the guides are to be trusted (and I will bet they are), the food will be good, the scenery gorgeous, and the music fabulous.  There are lots of things to do, and unfortunately not many of them are to my particular taste, so I will content myself with enjoying my parents enjoy their voyage into year 51 of their marriage!


12 responses

  1. You should set up a phone station with webcam for Sadie then at least you guys could chat and see each other’s faces. No, I am not kidding, our cat spoke like that all the time and I know of people that have done it for their dogs. Okok will put my straight-jacket on while I chomp on some lego.

    Am greener than your blog’s theme, sound like an amazing trip with interesting times guaranteed!

  2. Substitute “many” for “few” Euros and Swiss Francs.

  3. SF – I love the idea! I wonder if I can get something pulled together before Saturday morning? I don’t have a webcam. I would love to see her happy little face before I go to bed each night.

  4. Just to give you a hint; I don’t think “voting for Bush” is the only reason why Europeans may not like Americans. There’s another reasons that I believe is more alive: http://robertkrzisnik.wordpress.com/2008/06/06/a-questions-for-the-us-nationals/

  5. Yeah, I can imagine that what people in Europe read about Americans is going to be skewed in the direction of the crazy conservatives. It’s a shame and a cop-out, though.

  6. Ilegirl, the impression I am talking about does not come from reading about, but from observing and interacting with.

  7. Oooo ok so you should be sleeping now but its almost Saturday on your side of the world! Hope you have the most incredibly amazing holiday of a life time filled with laughter, happy memories, eye candy and wows!!!

    Be safe!

    PS We do expect to see some photos 🙂

  8. It will be a great vacation – I have no doubts!

    I am an appalling photographer, but perhaps my husband can be persuaded to assume picture-taking duties.

    36 hours and 51 minutes until Paris …

  9. Well, technically …

    36 hours and 51 minutes, minus 8 hours = 28 hours and 51 minutes. I have to stop thinking California time.

  10. Tell husband that a South African needs to see first world again! Lol yers you will be on my “time” in no time at all, you’re losing a day aren’t you?

    Wells have fun and def have a few glasses of red for me, am green green green!

  11. No doubt – I will hold up a glass in your honor. And another one in @mmonyte’s honor. And one for Amber, and one for Brit. Shoot – an entire bottle for the lot of you!

    Didn’t get to bed until late because my wretched printer would not cooperate in printing the boarding passes. Ugh – I am tired.

    You’ve been to the US before?

    Ciao for now! Be good.

  12. A bottle each and then we’ll all be happy! Hmmm so the US still uses paper boarding passes, weird – In the UK I just entered my ref number in the machine when I got there and voilà. Never been to the US perhaps one day *she dreams* …

    PS I’ve warned the Europeans that you are on your way, they looked worried?

    Ciao & have fun! *waves*

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