Whine, then Wine

This is the introduction of order from chaos.  You see, it’s a process.  Perhaps it is akin to the stages of grief.

First was denial.  I’m not really going.  I can drop out at the last minute.  It’s too far in the future – I can’t think about it.  It’s not for real.

Then there was anger, wailing at the injustice of it.  Why should I have to suffer?  Why can’t my neighbor go in my place?

I moved on to bargaining.  If I can stay home with my dog, I will buy my parents beachfront property.

Next came depression.  What’s the use?  I have to go.  What a drag.

Finally, I was driven to acceptance.  It’s only two weeks out of our lives.  As long as we don’t discuss sex, politics, or religion, we’ll be okay.

Complicating this was a health scare.  Until this afternoon I feared I would be banned from alcohol during the entire holiday.  Fortunately I finally visited the doctor and learned that there was a simple, immediate solution which he has now applied – leaving me free to guzzle bordeaux contentedly.


9 responses

  1. Oh crumbs you got my heart beat racing with worry! No wine! Phew what a nightmare that would’ve been!!!

  2. Ha ha ha, great, loved reading this… What a suspense, barely survived… And I can easily relate to it: France + no-wine? Unsurvivable.


  3. Sweetie heart… just breathe and have fun. You are making far too much of this in your mind. Sadie will be just fine. BREATHE


  4. Though I have never been to France, I suspect I would have been broken hearted to forego all that lovely wine. It was a close call, and I have to send a big THANK YOU! to Dr. Pinckard for taking care of me. He is the saint who has saved my holiday.

    As for Sadie … well, truth be told I will miss her a bunch. Really, really miss her. But she is in good hands, and I have made special arrangements for her to not be alone during the craziness on the night of July 4th, so I am OK. Really.

    But, the next vacation I’d like to rent a house on the coast, bring the dog, and invite friends to come stay a night or two. Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

  5. Ilegirl it all depends of course on what friends you would invite, some are known to be wild dancing on table types (they just hide it well) …

  6. I wonder just who SF would be referring to??? Huh Huh?? I promise I have never been convicted of dancing on any tables…. no one could ever prove a thing! Sheesh… Slander I tell you!

  7. Guilty conscience perhaps? (Ilegirl I have photos that I got off ebay *waves them in the air* will post laters)

    PS I know people that know people that know other people I am an Italian wanna be

  8. Noooo, of course Amber wouldn’t be dancing on the tables. Never! 😉

    (Don’t worry Amber – we’ll just send ISF some chocolate to persuade her to keep quiet. Yeah, that’ll teach her!)

  9. Dang how on earth did you figure out my weak spot so quick??? hmmmph!

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