Au revoir, mes amis.

We shall be travelling the Continent for the next two weeks.

I will miss blogging and reading my feeds.  I picked up some notebooks for journalling so that I can record my impressions along the way, so at the least I will get my writing fix.  It is addictive, this outpouring of humor and angst and observation.

We meet my family tomorrow afternoon in Paris.  My sisters and I will traipse around the city together, which I anticipate will be the highlight of this holiday.  For the past 21 years, our lives have taken us each in different directions, and when we come together we have much to say to one another.  It is more like spending time with friends than with family.

My parents are getting older (as we all are **sigh**).  The opportunity to spend time with them while they are active and sharp is precious.  It will not be easy, as there are some banned topics (particularly politics and religion!), which for me will be easy to avoid since I have no specific interest in either.  But my husband is fascinated by politics, and I have some trepidation … However, we are all adults and we’ll get through it.

It will be fun.

And this time, I do mean it.


6 responses

  1. Oh dear you used the “F” word. At least you avoided the dread “P” word.

  2. Hmmm Paris sale season *sigh* Have a blast for all of us and a safe journey, screw being good go wild and let those Europeans remember who visited!

  3. Aww honey… You will have so much fun. Cause you are skinny all of the clothes in Paris will fit you. It will be such a fun time. I wish I was coming too! *sigh*

    I will miss you sooooooo much. Be careful and breathe. Have a GREAT time!

  4. “Abroad” is not as scary as most Americans think it is. It is further away than most American think, though! 😉

  5. […] I am green folks green… no scratch that I am EMERALD green – this person has gone off on a European holiday to all the places of my dreams *sniff* – ok ok hope you have fun ilegirl and don’t be doing […]

  6. Yeah, on so many levels! We departed at 1:51 pm on a Saturday, and arrived around 1 pm the next day – between the lengthly flight, a lengthy and unfriendly transfer in Frankfurt (perhaps more on that later) and the time change, we were rather disoriented when we arrived at de Gaulle.

    Bonus: I have my passport stamped for the first time! Yay!

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