Maman et papa

The reason we went to Europe was to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Can you believe people can stand to be with one another for so many years?  It’s amazing!  Well, amazing is a word which applies to my parents in so many ways.

Aren't they cute?

Aren't they cute?

My mother can walk.  She is a powerhouse of a little woman.  My dad calls her The Energizer Bunny because she can go on and on.  There were a couple of days when I protested I could not keep up.

My dad can walk, too, though he’s a little bent at present.  He had rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders last year, and since leaving on this trip he has not been doing his arm exercises.  Still, he outstrips the lot of us.  Where is Dad? was a frequent question, and more often than not he was far ahead of us younger folks.

A celebration dinner

A celebration dinner

On our last night in Paris, we all went to dinner and us kids surprised M&D by getting a bottle of champagne – the REAL stuff, not just a California sparking wine.  When in Rome, eh?

Last Saturday, my husband and I returned to California, and Mom and Dad are continuing their marathon holiday for another 3 weeks.  So, cheers to my parents on their two great achievements:  a fabulous holiday abroad, and 50 years of marriage!


2 responses

  1. Holy moly that is a long time, it brings a big smile to my face knowing that love can last that long if not longer! They look so cutes!

  2. They were very happy to be surrounded by family, and they love the energy of Paris. Yeah, it’s a long, long time to be together. I’m hoping to make it that long myself, if my husband can put up with me for that many years! 🙂

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