The French Diaries

While we travelled I maintained a journal in a pretty little orange-leather bound book.  Like a kid, I brought a glue stick, and pasted in all sorts of silly things: my used metro tickets, my museum pass, postcards, and even the doggie poo collecting bags (because they are imprinted in French or German and have cute pictures of dogs on them).

After some consideration, I’ve decided to post this journal, sans pasted goodies but perhaps with some pictures.  And so, these will follow with the entry date as the title.


2 responses

  1. oooo *rubs hands together excitedly* this shall be fun, looking forward to it (no pressure swears).

  2. Must warn: strictly PG-13 material. Because I believed I would share with my family, I was conservative. I had intended to maintain 2 sets of books: one for public consumption, and one for private. But my husband was a wonderful travel companion and I found that I didn’t need to vent after all (despite all … well, more on that some other time).

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