Card Karma

I have bad karma when it comes to occasion cards.  For several years I have purchased the perfect anniversary card for my husband, hidden it away in a really, really good place where I know I won’t lose it … and somehow, the thing disappears.  I have to rush at the last minute to purchase a card, and it’s never the perfect one I so wanted to share, but rather a paltry second.  I generally find the original a month or two after the big day, so now I have quite the stash … well, somewhere around here anyhow …

Similarly, last weekend our friends came over and brought a birthday card for my husband, which they innocently handed to me to manage.  Yes, I managed to bury it under some things in the kitchen and we located it an hour after our friends went home.

On my husband’s actual birthday, 11 July, I thought I was off the hook in the card department.  Aha, I thought to myself, my bad card karma can’t touch me!  We are in Europe on vacation, so I’ve the perfect excuse for having no card!


Foiled by my mother, who had picked up a card in Paris for my husband and, to my intense shame, presented it to him during his birthday dinner.


5 responses

  1. Murphy’s law is total bleep, I think I am rubbing off on you cause that is exactly what happens to me all the time! Sheesh

  2. Muahahaha! *points and laughs at you* 🙂

    May card karma be your only problem in this world.

    Become a non-card person. Never give cards, and your excuse is always
    “I say my wishes directly instead of writing them in an impersonal card manufactured by a greedy millionaire who buys the paper from poor third world nations that practice child labor”

    After a few birthdays, people will get the hang, and you will be known as the “non card person”, and no one will ever expect you to buy a card ever again.

  3. ISF, it is often a relief to learn about someone who suffers the same sorts of challenges as I when it comes to a little card!

    thatdude… wishing it was so but alas it is not. However, those things aren’t all that fun to laugh about. And many millions of people have it far worse than I. I like the idea of the card ban. I could also frame it as a green endeavor – my contribution to alleviating overflowing landfills.

  4. p.s. My family already think me weird enough. The card ban might provoke them to consider institutionalization.

  5. Just tell them about me and they won’t even consider institutionalization anymore but perhaps rather shower you with gifts and flowers!

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