Good Friends

Notwithstanding the arrogance of many commenters on tech websites, who insist that those who do not live and breath code are irrelevant and hardly professional, this semi-geek enjoys a good break from it all now and again.  Sure, I love Star Wars and own episodes IV, V and VI on DVD, but I also own Drop Dead Gorgeous and Casablanca.  I like to try to make my house look pretty, I like window shopping for kitchen things (though I am admittedly derelict in the kitchen), and I absolutely must, must have my weekly coffee chat with my best girl friend.  In other words, I have a life outside of the application system.

So when BritInCalifornia and Amber suggested dinner on Saturday evening, and the idea of PF Chang’s was floated, I was enthusiastically in favor of the idea.  And when Amber called on Saturday to report that she had whipped up a little something for dessert, nothing special, I knew the evening would be a lovely one.  Little did I know the wonderful surprise in store.

First, we ate a lovely meal (including me trying calamari for the first time ever, and it was good!), drank lovely drinks (hubby and I had Singapore Slings, of course), and enjoyed the company of our entertaining friends, who lit up at the mention of the James Taylor concert they were attending the following evening.  My husband and I contributed our thoughts about Europe, and maybe I drank a bit too much because I remember much laughter but can’t recall the cause.

Amber’s hair looks amazing, by the way.  She beat the crap out of the hair monkey and had neat and lovely waves.

(Not wishing to leave him out:  Brit’s hair looks nice, too.)

We returned to our house after dinner, where Amber unveiled the pretty (and delish) cake, and the candles for my husband’s birthday.  We even sang the birthday song – even Brit, who swears he can’t sing – while my husband blew out the candles.  A card, which I somehow buried in the kitchen and was unearthed later in the evening, accompanied the cake; more on card karma later.

To top it off, our lovely friends sat through the slideshow of our Europe trip.  Sure, you think, that sounds lovely! But you see, we took 701 pictures.  And there were several of cows in the Swiss Alps.

These are GOOD friends.


6 responses

  1. Let us know when you come to Israel next time, you’ll be more than welcome at our place! =) And I’ll definitelly let you know next time we’re in California (estimation – in another 10 years or so).

  2. Wow – thanks! That is so very kind of you. We will definitely do that should we head toward Israel.

    Absolutely, come to California but don’t wait 10 whole years. It’s such a pretty place fall, winter and spring. You have kids, right? Lots of things for the little ones to do, ranging from Disneyland down in Southern California to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, an easy drive from my home in the San Francisco suburbs.

  3. Awwws yers monkey’s handler (not me I swear it on my toes) sent me photos of what monkey looked like after the beating… wasn’t pretty I can tell ya! So Jackie Changs was nice (intended), glads you didn’t find the strawberries in the fridge she hid them from me to!!!

  4. Speaking of strawberries, my wonderful husband just whipped up strawberry margaritas!

  5. That is just wrong, now I am thinking of how yummy that sounds before 8am… ok what is new!

  6. btw (sorry just going through the starred items for salad) I am still looking to pay good money to the person who can get me a photo of monkey’s art work…

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