Slick palms

While in Austria, my parents and their friends decided to drive into Bratislava for lunch and a bit of exploration.  They inadvertantly parked illegally, having misunderstood the signage, and while the men headed over to ATM’s for korunas, my mother and her friend secured a table at a local restaurant.

They returned to find that the police had arrived and were about to ticket the vehicle.  It was soon communicated however that for 2000 Sk (roughly US $103 ) the matter could be settled without paperwork.  Pockets were emptied, and the gentlemen produced 840 Sk, which suddenly was found to be the precise sum desired, and the police were also so kind as to provide directions and escort my parents and their friends (whose Garmin was inexplicably unable to navigate through Slovakia) back to the main roads.


3 responses

  1. … hmm… so Europe isn’t all that different to Africa? This is daily practice in a lot of places here. Namibia you don’t live without a bribe a day. Shocking!

  2. I suppose there are parts of Europe. These two particular policemen in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the least. I would hate to generalize. But my dad so enjoyed telling the story – I had to share it. He regretted that he didn’t get photographic evidence.

  3. Have you seen the Long way Round? Eastern Europe is full of this and it sounds like they got off lightly either way what an adventure! Pity bout the photographic evidence but am sure this is a memory they will keep forever with many a laugh to be had! If you haven’t seen Long way Round you have to!

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