Newly Rediscovered

It’s hot today, and after a courageous foray into the great outdoors to set up a new and improved trellis for my wisteria, I have retired to the lazy comfort of my air conditioned home office, only slightly the worse for wear sporting a mild sunburn after my 10 minutes under the Big Black Sun.

With Red Hot Chili Peppers blasting downstairs,  I surfed.

I sought something different, something poetic and positive, slightly humourous, grown-up, authentic.

As I linked from person to person, skimming the tumultous surface of the blogosphere, I mused on the close connections between people in this small world, and in particular the network of individuals with links to other individuals who link me to people all over the world, people whose ideas expose me to new ways of thinking about the world.

So of course this meditation about the six degrees of separation led to an equally interesting muse about database normalization.  What else?

And, I found Within/Without, a delightful blog by an interesting Indian expat living in the UK, which I think Brit will particularly enjoy.


One response

  1. Sunburn in 10 minutes… you and Brit truly are brother and sister aren’t you? Sheesh! Im gonna have to baby spray you too!

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