Logical Files

I am currently uploading Supertramp’s Breakfast in America, courtesy of one of our Change Engineers who kindly shared the songs from his private collection.

You may ask, Why in the world would she upload some 80’s crap?

First, Supertramp is a guilty pleasure.  Supertramp for me is like Peter Frampton for my husband: stadium rock star material.

Second, it isn’t as bad as you remember.  It isn’t quite as adolescent, not quite as mindless, not nearly as ridiculous and embarrassing as you would think.  There is a tender sophistication to the angst, a tremendous depth to the orchestral landscape on which the pop effortlessly reclines.

Finally, I simply had to have the album after I nicknamed a colleague Logical Man


9 responses

  1. Oh great, now you have me listening to Retrospectacle, Supertramp’s Greatest Hits. It is upbeat and I might arrive at work cheerful as a result

  2. It is not eighties crap; Breakfast in America was released in 1979, so it is seventies crap 🙂

  3. Geez, I am so sorry! Who wants to squander their cheerfulness at work?

  4. ROFL @ you two

    We love Supertramp but that is a secret…

  5. If we’re on a secret seventies thing here, can I please put in a word for 10cc? Oh and like totally the best news of all, the Banasplits are back!

  6. Darn it! I think my witty (well I may be half right) comment got spammed!

  7. Brit, OK OK, I will concede that technically this was issued in the 1970’s, but so near to the end of that decade that it reached the heighths of its popularity in the subsequent one.

    SF, one thing keeping me (nearly) sane at work are really cool colleagues. Oh, and Brit, too.

    @mmonyte: Que? 50% wit? Wit v0r1? 😉

  8. @mmo – yep you once were spammed, but now are free.

  9. […] by Ilegirl’s admission of admiration for Supertramp, I have been motivated out of my usual cynical slothliness to create my first ever meme. And that […]

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