Once in A Lifetime in the Bush of Ghosts

David Byrne and Brian Eno are touring together, and will be at the nearby Mountain Winery in October.

I once was so enthralled with Brian Eno that I called myself (though with rather questionable taste) an Enoist.

I adored the Talking Heads, and trailed a bit after the members once they parted ways, to enjoy the Tom-Tom Club, and the brilliant Byrne/Eno collaboration My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

I have the pleasure now of rediscovering these loves, once lost and forgotten with Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.



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  1. This is so not fair. Hmm ok so next time someone queries where I am escaping to it will be close to Mountain Winery (not for the wine of course) and for Ambers food…

  2. Kewl. I once met Brian Eno. It was at my alma mater, Middlesex Polyetchnic and our statistics lecturer, David Jarrett was playing a piano concert. (His brother is called Keith and shame on you if you don’t know the work of Keith Jarrett). Anyway, Brian tried to get in without paying, I was on the door and forced him to stump up his 50p.

  3. Bonus: the Mountain Winery is in Saratoga, very close to the tech utopia nicknamed Silicon Valley.

    @mmo, how lucky for you!

    btw – recently acquired Before and After Science which I had once before but on vinyl. I had forgotten the power of its seeming simplicity, the sentimentality of ‘By this River’ juxtaposed with the frantic energy of ‘King’s Lead Hat’ providing a glimpse into the mind of a master.

  4. Keith Jarrett … perhaps I see some feet poking out from the propped-up top of a baby grand?

    My sister, who teaches high schooler’s English literature, would say he is considered an ‘Emo’, not to be confused with an ‘Eno’ or even an ‘Enoist’.

  5. […] “finding” myself, searching for The Secret to Happiness while I Hunt for Mona Lisa.  Once in A Lifetime in the Bush of Ghosts yip you heard it right, the one and only Mona Lisa by Leonardo.  Between you and I was actually […]

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