Will Work to Code

Midrange computers are expensive to purchase, and not exactly inexpensive to maintain.  Like a mainframe they require a temperature-controlled environment for optimal performance, and periodic monitoring to ensure all hardware components are in tip-top condition.

My husband and I own four personal computers, three of which are in working order and the fourth which is languishing in a closet begging for me to transform it into a MySQL server.  (Yeah, yeah – I hear you!  I’ll get around to it one of these days.)  The cost of a midrange is generally far outside of our budget.  While we could afford to purchase a used machine, the electrical bill would be outrageous and the maintenance costs unreasonable in light of our income.

It is, then, unrealistic for us to set up a data center in our cute but dusty and drafty old house.

As a consequence, working for a company which boasts not 1 but a full 13 midrange computers yields great benefits.  I have virtually unlimited access to the power I require to code, test, refactor, test and finally deploy my pet projects.  Thanks to VPN, being on site is not a requirement and so if insomnia strikes or I am in the mood, I can log on and play.

There is a price to be paid for the pleasure of this power.  It is, however, a small one – merely one’s heart and soul.


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  1. Well one of these days… as the company expands and the costs of office space and trying to keep all of those new employees in one place grows… they might just realize that people actually don’t need to be “in” the office to code at all. That it can be pretty much run remotely. Then one would be free to code in the nude at that beach house in Northern California huh?

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