REALLY, I’m not all that blonde

Inspired by Amber’s post, I would like to share a recent experience.

A couple of weeks ago the Something’s Wrong indicator light went on, and despite my thwacking the dashboard with my index finger a few times, it didn’t go off. So I called my mechanic (Andy – we’re on a first-name basis with one another. And I’d swear he recognizes my voice when I call) and he asked me, Is it the indicator that is shaped like an engine?, to which I responded, Huh, so that’s what that strange shape represents? Fortunately we both starting laughing, but I suspect for different reasons.

Happy ending: Andy fixed the problem, and he cleaned the car windows before I picked it up from his shop.

Post-script: the windows are now dirty again. Does this mean I need to take the car back?


4 responses

  1. Really…. I guess in the world of code and numbers car maintenance simply doesn’t compute!

    Silly girl…

  2. OMG definitely take the car back the freshly dirty windows could be a sign that he forgot to do something

    LMAO you are too funny

  3. Oo thanks ISF! I was kind of worried about that. After all, he didn’t wash the travel coffee mug I left in the back seat!

    I’d rather immerse myself in a binary tree than replace the whatchamagig that keeps the doohickey under the hood from going kaput.

  4. […] one hellofacat week and admittedly I am still getting my bearings so please grizzly bear with me. REALLY, I’m not all that blonde, although some would never believe it (myself included). Pull up a pew, grab a Starbucks (Imported […]

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