Annoying Programmers

Call it Kismet, perhaps: when I logged on to WordPress today I ran across this post describing a great many programmers I have met over the years.  They are sometimes difficult and often irritating to managers, and almost never put the final polish on their work.  It is not that they are bad programmers, but rather that they process information in a manner that is unfamiliar to many of us, and are best suited for solving problems creatively rather than merely analytically.

Oh yes – one of these people worked for me.  The two week project stretched into two months, and when it done it was a thing of beauty.  But during the process I wondered whether my employee was mad and required institutionalization, or had a learning disability.


5 responses

  1. Sorry, I thought that post described ALL programmers. Well all the ones I’ve met anyway. Weird buggers they be, compared to us hardware guys.

  2. I was speaking to an HR manager at work, and she commented that the hardware guys are a bunch of immature goof-offs who take WAYYYYYYYY longer to get through their required training classes than us efficient applications folks.

    Not that I’m biased or anything, but just thought I’d mention it.

  3. And you believed the HR person? (HR people are, as we all know, The Spawn Of Satan ©) Catbert. Need I say more?

    Altogether now….”We don’t need no edukayshun……We don’t need no thought control….”

  4. *sitting back laughing at the computer geeks all together*

  5. Geeks? Where are they? I don’t see any geeks.

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