An Inspiring Achievement

I read a lovely blog periodically, Within/Without.

Today its author reported that she has finished her master’s dissertation!  And there’s a little something in her post that those who enjoy lolcats will appreciate.

The topic is the rise of IT in Bangalore.  It sounds really interesting to me simply because it involves some understanding of Bangalore before it became significant in the IT world – gotta love history!

What an inspiring event, and a truly great accomplishment for this young woman who lives 6000 miles away but writes with such a familiar ease it is if I am reading a letter from a friend.



3 responses

  1. Thank you! I feel warm and tingly reading your post. 🙂 (Thank you, yet again!)

  2. My pleasure! I hope you keep up the writing though your dissertation is done, as I enjoy your blog very much.

  3. Wows *off to go read inspiring stuff* Thanks for sharing!

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