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I finally changed the page to September.

September First is both Labor Day and Labour Day.

It depends on the country, you see.  There is one which spells words efficiently, banning extraneous letters.  There is one which spells poetically, conveying the richness and flavo(u)r of the language shared by both.

Which is correct?


4 responses

  1. Don’t know, I am still trying to find a British spell checker for Safari, just when I think of it and start searching I forget what I am looking for lol

  2. The correct spelling is with the ‘U’. That is the British spelling, omitting the U is an error made in the colonies 🙂

  3. I still mix them up. Its hard being an American Brit Ill tell ya!

  4. ISF – oh such a common condition, that Internet Dementia. I see a rabbit out of the corner of my eye and chase it down!

    David – Colonies, eh? I suppose it is difficult to be on the losing side of the battle. Of course (corse?), the US is no stranger this now.

    Amber – oh what a tangled existence to have a (Jimmy Choo-clad) foot on each continent.

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