New Discovery!

After complaining endlessly to long-suffering friends about every web browser with which I have familiarity, I finally tried Safari.  As a matter of fact, I am using it right now.  And I have discovered that Safari doesn’t suck.  It’s a bit slow on open, but it’s clean out of the box.  

O brave new world, that has such competence in it!


6 responses

  1. See! I don’t wanna say I told you so! But….

    Shoes anyone?

  2. I didn’t say it was great, just that it doesn’t suck. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but given that I am not particularly fond of any web browsers I’ve encountered thus far, this is as good as it gets.

    Shoes? Did you say shoes? Like a Pavlov pup, I am at the ready on cue.

  3. Ooo we luff Safari’s with the wild animals and the … shoes? When are we going shopping? I prefer Safari now to FF, their new updates sent me round the bend and back again.

  4. ISF – we’re going on Saturday, the 20th. Right, Amber? I can’t do the 21st as it is my (drumroll, please) 22nd wedding anniversary, and somehow I don’t think I could explain my preference for shoe shopping to my husband.

    m – groovy, thanks. Yeah, good to hear from you!

  5. 22 years that is wows – yers me thinks skip the shoppin on sunday lol

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