Something seen somewhere

I have injured my shoulder, and went to have an x-ray on it this afternoon.

The radiology office is across the street from a large local hospital, in one of those nondescript boxy medical office complexes where one weaves past four identically bland buildings – each plastered with a street number – to find the fifth nestled against a too-small, dead-end parking lot.  Patients in varying states of health pass me:  an attractive middle-aged woman in a business suit; a young mother with frazzled hair and an undulating tight knit top, hauling a 2-year-old girl whose greatest happiness in life is playing with a Trader Joe’s balloon; a frail and elderly woman accompanied by two brusque daughters, one of whom carries the elder woman’s bra as if clutching a handkerchief.

As I sit waiting, I feel invisible.  No eyes are upon me, the small middle-aged blonde reading an entertainment magazine.  Each patient is focussed on their own needs, their own pain, their own personal world.  It is as if I am not in the room at all, not a witness to their lives.  When the receptionist does appear to ask for my insurance card, noticeably lacking is the sensation of eyes seeing my smile, or the way I drop the magazine on the chair as I follow the receptionist to the counter.

Somehow, this is a relief.  I have liberty in my anonymity.


6 responses

  1. Anonymity liberates the real so that the real can revel in its reality 🙂

  2. Are you going to be oks? You know you can’t go around stealing cookies like that, those gymnastic tricks are for the monkeys NOT humans… you do know this right?

    Karma for eating double chocolate chips in front of me AND while I snored I mean slept…

    Hopes you feel better soons *hugs*

    Ok here are the rest of the cookies I stole from you while you were at the doc’s soz bout that… hmph

  3. You don’t describe yourself well… I really think you are hard on yourself. You have a beautiful smile and amazing eyes… and a killer figure most of us would love to have.

  4. Hi Anil – yes, exactly! 🙂

    SF – I will be fine. I need to learn how to reach for the cookies in a proper manner so I do not keep straining my shoulder.

    Amber – it is more that everyone in the waiting room was focussed on their own world and none on mine, not that I feel like no one looks at me. The opposite is true, in fact. I’d like to blend into the woodwork now and again and just observe the world around me instead of always diving in head first.

  5. My oldest and youngest work at one of the local hospitals. They (each) often get written compliments about the level of care and sincerity they display to their patients. 🙂

  6. mssc54, that is a good compliment to your children, and an excellent reflection on your parenting skills to have raised such conscientious and compassionate people.

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