Hearts of Stone

In an introspective mood this evening, as the season is gradually transitioning from the punishing heat of summer to the fog-swathed damp of autumn.

As my workworld swirls around me, I am in a fog of my own.  Distracted by many odd images and impressions, the chaos of IT is white noise.  There is some heartbreak in these observations: the colleague for whom workworld is the escape from a nightmarish home life; another who cannot afford to buy the company-subsidized health insurance for her children and tells them be very careful and not get ill; still another whose arrogance is less irritating and more pitiful, a desperate need for superiority that makes me simultaneously wish to hug him and slap him upside the head.

Tomorrow I may don the armour again, returning to my comfortable cynicism; for now, this song is of the moment.


3 responses

  1. New blog look… 🙂

    Interesting observations. Then its an interesting life. Im looking forward to the autumn. Change is in the air.

  2. Hi Amber – I was tired of the old, ready for something new. I still like the old template, but wanted something cleaner.

    I agree that change is in the air. It’s inevitable, and there’s some promise, as well as some loss, when it comes.

  3. p.s. Funny thing, your reference to change, as last night I started to draft a post on this topic.

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