The Definition of MANAGEMENT

On most weekdays my husband calls me during my lunch hour.  The other day, as we spoke I was describing a particular challenge I faced at work.  I have a manager who is quite a character, and and whose humor is not necessarily appreciated by the company’s CIO – as the CIO himself has expressed to me on more than one occasion.

The CIO had acquired some luxury box seats to a baseball game and broadcast an invitation to the IS staff advising that anyone interested might sign up with his assistant; of course, my manager was one of the first to respond.  I was not interested in attending the game myself, so I did not respond.  By the time I learned that my quirky manager would be part of the group, all available seats had been filled.  I explained to my husband that I was worried, and that I had begged a colleague who would be of the party to keep an eye on my manager and see that he remained outside of any contraversy.

My husband then shared these wise words:

Being a manager is like being a recovering alcoholic.  You need to repeat the serenity prayer or you will never sleep again.


3 responses

  1. ROFL – I can make guesses as to the parties involved… Gotta love your hubby.. he’s so wise in his hippy-ness!

  2. Yeah, I told my boss what my husband said (without getting into the context in which this arose), and he agreed with the definition.

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