The Meaning of Life Part XIV

My husband ran across this delicious article on The Onion this morning.  Here’s an excerpt:

“I brought my baby to touch the wall, so that the power of Darwin can purify her genetic makeup of undesirable inherited traits,” said Darlene Freiberg, one among a growing crowd assembled here to see the mysterious stain, which appeared last Monday on one side of the Rhea County Courthouse. The building was also the location of the famed “Scopes Monkey Trial” and is widely considered one of Darwinism’s holiest sites. “Forgive me, O Charles, for ever doubting your Divine Evolution. After seeing this miracle of limestone pigmentation with my own eyes, my faith in empirical reasoning will never again be tested.”

Worship at the altar!

Worship at the altar!

Contrary to popular opinion, intellectuals do have a sense of humor.


6 responses

  1. Its 3am and I am laughing out loud risking waking up the neighbourhood, at the same time I checked my calendar to ensure that it was in fact not April 1st. I see that it is not so now am shocked rofl!

  2. lol you are too much!

  3. Yes, we have to put Lourdes on the back burner, as I am off to Tennessee!

    Though the same source reports that Tennessee is nearing its expiration date (, so I need to hurry.

  4. Lourdes is the name of my new dentist; irrelevant, but true.

  5. Well, but does the water in the spitbowl make blind people see?

    Ha – I didn’t think so!

    (Of course, neither does the water at Lourdes … )

  6. […] to you? Perhaps it is Time to Signal Your Intentions and Say no to terrorism for the Love, for The Meaning of Life, say goodbye to Self Doubt, Awaken and Come Back To Life.  Lets put it this way, If Your Life […]

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