Seen on the street

At the street festival, he suddenly leads her out on the dance floor, tosses his jacket and sunglasses on the stage and pulls her around with aggressive abandon.

She is stiff, and with a sheepish look on her face attempts to follow his lead.  As he reaches up to slap the performer’s hands, her head drops – just for a moment, hardly perceptible to those enjoying the performance.  His arms winds around her, pulling her chest to chest to his lanky frame, and she pulls her head back, ever so slightly.

Then just as quickly as he arrived, he collects his things from the stage and walks toward the mass of passersby, elbows out.  She follows behind, shoulders hunched.  They disappear into the crowd.

And then I realize why my body was suffused with hot white hatred as I watched:  he beats her.


4 responses

  1. This drew me in and disturbed me beyond words, you have a way with them that evokes strong emotion. Deep down within me I am hoping that this is fictional for the reality of it is sad beyond words and if so I am sending you the biggest hug for witnessing such a thing can be as traumatic as going through the very thing you speak of so *hugs* anyway

  2. Disgusting, disturbing, and oh so common. It saddens me beyond belief that women would accept this for themselves. Im sorry you had to see this honey. Big hugs.

  3. I was pensive, and then I was sad. And now I am back.

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