Heart and Mind

There is something about being a True Neutral Elf/Druid Ranger which propels me toward balance.

Today I grieved with friends whose son was murdered last weekend.  It was a random and unprovoked act and, for those whose lives are lived by rational rules, quite a difficult thing to comprehend.  He was a 22-year-old college student.

During the Catholic service, the young priest – interestingly, visiting this suburban American church from his parish in India for two months through a Church sponsored cultural exchange program – offered the customary words of comfort.  But he did more as well: he discussed how those of us left behind in this world often live superficially,  constantly seeking immediate but transitory pleasures rather than embracing the gift of our existence as a soul-filled journey.

Perhaps I am influenced by a sadness that is raw, not yet refined by the passage of time.  Could it be that this wish I hold in my heart to relieve the pain my friends are experiencing is leading me on the downward path to religion?  No, it couldn’t be so because of my deep reticence to engage in anything remotely resembling mysticism.  But the thought of living soulfully is very appealing all the same.  It is indeed something that has been skulking around in my life, in my mind, for several months.

There are left-brained people, and there are right-brained people.  Where is the whole?  When we are whole, we are able to begin to realize our potential.  And that potential is expressed in many ways.  We are wise, we are noble, and we help ourselves.  We are innovative, we are accomplished, and we are kind to other people.  It means we are completely human, not just limited to a single set of character traits or strengths but a poet and a tech geek, a musician and an engineer, a painter and a chemist.  It blurs the distinction between the halves of the brain; we are a synthesis of our creative and intelligent minds.

And so, as Joni Mitchell said, I am a woman of heart and mind.  I am willing to take the risk and live a life that is a whole.


4 responses

  1. There is room for soul there too… spirituality lurks… I feel it within you. Maybe not as in the traditional sense, but a more authentic to you one.

  2. First and most important I am sending you, and have been sending you, lots and LOTS of hugs for I know this pain and heartache. I find myself wishing I could make it better.

    You are very right, we have to live in the “whole” and be true for only then are we truly living.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Indeed, I am not conventionally spiritual. I find the parlance of those ilk rather unsettling, a bad fit for my mind and an unsatisfying expression of my spirit.

    I suppose I am learning to appreciate simplicity: a morning walk in the fog with Sadie, a late night talking about the mysteries of life with my husband, a lazy afternoon spent reading a book. There’s a quiet and intimacy about these experiences which lend them a nurturing quality.

  4. you are doing great ilegirl! when one is in the state of appreciating supreme simplicities of life (like the ones you have mentioned), one is doing well. this is purely from personal experience.

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