The Most Sincere Songs

I am struggling recently to overcome an aversion to emotional songs.  There is a strong part of me which finds them ludicrous for such numerous reasons that it would take volumes to explain; suffice it to say, this critic has been the loudest and most obnoxious over the years, so the sweet romantic part of me has wearied and given way.

But again, time is not exactly my friend so I look for joy where I can find it.   Cynicism is overrated, and I realize it doesn’t serve but to encourage arrogance and shut down the curious, creative parts of the mind.

I was reminded of my struggle yestereday as I enjoyed Coco Montoya at a free outdoor concert, during which he performed his heartfelt song Good Days, Bad Days (sorry, couldn’t find a decent You Tube for this).

Jeff Beck’s Cause We Ended as Lovers is my absolute favorite, though there are no vocals.

Any nominees you’d like to share?


7 responses

  1. “Cynicism is overrated, and I realize it doesn’t serve but to encourage arrogance and shut down the curious, creative parts of the mind.”
    very well put, ilegirl!

    my usual reactions to an overly emotional (mush) songs is almost same as yours. but then, there are emtional tracks which i dont have to struggle with…the ones that i can recall now:

    – all the songs of ‘Blood on the Tracks’ by Bob Dylan
    – Dylan’s version of ‘you belong to me’
    – ‘pale blue eyes’ by Lou Reed
    – ‘dance me to the end of love’ by Cohen (actually, there are many songs of Cohen)
    – ‘in my life’ by Beatles (again many more by beatles)
    – certain songs of Sting and Knopfler
    – many old Hindi movie songs


  2. Good list! 🙂

    ‘Prairie Wedding’ is a haunting one by Knopfler.

    btw, my husband looked for Devi on Netflix, but no joy. We may have to go to a specialty DVD rental store to find it.

  3. Wearing my ombudsman hat: Coco Montoya did not write Good days, Bad days. It was actually a collaborative effort between John Jarrard, Gary Nicholson and Walt Aldridge.

    Montoya does, however, have a killer delivery.

  4. yeah, ‘Prarie Wedding’, ‘How Long’…there are so many of those knopfler tracks.

    also, the love songs of Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong were missing from my quick list.

    hope you find Devi soon.

  5. Yesterday by The Beatles. It always gets to me, especially when I have the blues.

    What a Wonderful World is a good Louis Armstrong.

    How about Try a Little Tenderness which I believe is Otis Redding?

    Phonebooth by Robert Cray, which I have twice seen him perform live = fabulous!

    Moonlight Mile by the Rolling Stones.

    Someone needs to stop me! 🙂

  6. Something always gets in my eye whenever “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen) as interpreted by Jeff Buckley pops on the iPod.

  7. That’s a good one! Yeah, I know what you mean – it’s pretty and very sad too. Songs like that remind us that we are more than the sum of our parts.

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