Sadie’s Birthday!

Sadie turned 6 years old on Saturday.

Sadie in September - just shy of 6!

Sadie in September - just shy of 6!

In honor of this momentous event in the life of my Pooh-ch, I have added the  A.A. Milne book Now We Are Six to my Amazon wishlist.


6 responses

  1. Awwww…. she’s such a cutie!!!

  2. Awwws I wants one! hippy happy birthday to Sadie… oooo and it is yours just around the corner!

  3. She’s received a haircut since that picture was taken, and is even cuter now. She looks about 10 pounds overweight above, but without all that hair she looks sleek, muscular and healthy. We just returned from a nice evening walk, and she’s dozing on the sofa.

  4. *grins big* Its already your birthday on my side of the planet so am singing Hippy Happy Birthday out loud in my best non-window breaking voice. Happy Birthday huns, I hope you get spoilt rotten and have a wonderful day! HUGS!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wish! I am looking forward to the day ahead.

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