Change Management

This is the time of year for change.  The weather is changing, the light is changing, and our bodies are slowing down to pace with the setting sun.  Soon the time will change as well.

It is easy for me to think of 101 ambitious schemes for introducing change to my life.  More challenging is doing something small more frequently.  The grand changes are dramatic and symbolic, but more impactful are the minor choices I can make every day.  My ability to make decisions based on my mood, taste, pain, energy and happiness is a great privilege; there are many in the world whose lives are filled with tremendous obstacles such as illness and poverty.  I ought to be grateful and take advantage, within reasonable bounds of compassion, of this liberty.

I do not remember the last time I cooked a meal; it must be months in the past.  I don’t particularly like to cook, but I don’t despise the activity either and I derive some satisfaction from trying something new upon occasion.   I do own a few good cookbooks, and can borrow more from the library or look things up online.

The kayak is gathering dust in the back in yard.  It has been several months since we ventured out over the local lake,  our dog valiantly standing guard to protect us from the vicious, blood-sucking egrets and ducks.  The lake is nearby, the kayak is idle, and due to electrical system upgrades at my company’s corporate office this weekend I am unable to perform any work from home.  I have enough ibuprofen to dull the neck and shoulder aches, and my water shoes are needing an airing or two before the punishing chill of winter descends.

The dog needs a walk.  Due to a recent unfortunate incident I have not taken her out for her daily walks; I need to get over it, and get out there.  She and I both need the exercise, and I use that time to find some clarity either early in the morning before my workday begins, or in the evening to transition into the slower pace of home life.  Or both.

I heard some Dave Brubeck music online, and was intrigued.  I have a sort of dream where I enter my house and there is no television playing, no annoying noises – just the sound of good jazz providing some interest and energy.


3 responses

  1. Time to shake the cobwebs out. I myself am going out for a walk…..breathe in some of this beautiful air. Take Hubby with you… family time!

  2. P.S. You are always welcome to use our lake 🙂 And you can use our boat… no shoulders required… a leg workout. Might be better under the circumstances.

  3. Thanks for the offer!

    This morning I did the housecleaning, and now am ready to embark on some outdoor living. Life beckons, and I am waving back enthusiastically.

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