An X Marks It

Reading Brit’s post about The Lone Gunmen, the short-lived spinoff from the X Files, brought back memories.

I was seriously enamoured of the X Files.  I watched it faithfully.  When I was unable to watch it in those pre-Tivo (shudder!) days, I made arrangements to have it recorded onto VHS tape for later viewing.  For the season three premiere, I invited equally geeky friends over for a themed dinner complete with Mutilated Chicken and Conspiracy Theory Salad.

The Lone Gunmen were quirky, and though at first they seemed positively neurotic the writing was such that the viewer held on, almost convinced they were wacky conspiracy theorists except for the one bit of truth that tied seemingly disparate pieces of evidence into a neat yet not-quite-decisive package.

X Files was addictive in that we were compelled to tune in each week in hopes of understanding why the government was hiding information from us, when all pieces of the puzzle would be found and the truth would emerge simple, clean and triumphant.  In other words, it was satisfying because it never quite provided satisfaction.


2 responses

  1. I was a serious X-Files fan for several years, but the show eventually lost its way. I did not even bother to see the recent movie. I do have a desire to get the first few series from Netflix, but with Battlestar Galactica, Jerricho, and Lost in the queue it might take a while to get back to Mulder and Scully

  2. Yes, it was sad when the show started going down a strange path and the viewer was no longer asking ‘Did that really happen or was it a sort of dream sequence?’ It went quite literal and pretentious, which was ironic given the genuine, sweet intellectual tension in the relationship between the scientist and the metaphysicist (is ‘metaphysicist’ a word? If not, let’s add it to the Audlish Dictionary).

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