November 4, 2008 is Election Day.  It’s a big one this year, for President of the United States.  Just writing those words, President of the United States, is goosebump-generating.  It’s a big job.  It’s a difficult job, when it is done correctly.  It is a job I would not wish to have.

Several important measures appear on the state ballot, and in my district there is a single local measure as well.  State and local representatives are to be elected, or re-elected; this year we have city council and school board races generating a surprising degree of passion and excitement.

Will it matter in 50 years what I have voted?  Will it matter if I vote for or against the children’s hospital bond, or for or against the high-speed rail bond?  Will it matter if I vote to redefine marriage as legal only between a man and a woman?  No, and yes.  No because in 50 years I will likely be gone from this world and as I will leave no children to continue my reign of terror against software developers, I leave no genetic legacy.  But, yes because what I choose now influences the world around me, even though it is a small world populated by soccer moms and middle managers and people who are raking up leaves from their suburban lawns.



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