Brand New Day

In the US, we have a brand new day as we have selected the next President.  Already, the peaceful transfer of power has commenced as the current president is beginning to share daily security briefing information with the president-elect.  Though it seems ages for those eager for change, it is truly a short few weeks before the man elected by a significant majority of the US public will raise his right hand and take the oath of office.

Election day dawned bright, crisp and clear – a harbinger of the good news ahead.  And on a personal level I was gratified, as yesterday was my birthday and this was the gift I most desired.


4 responses

  1. I look forward to hearing his inaugrual address. I hope, despite my knowledge of history, that he will meet with a bi-partisan desire to address the issues that face the country and the world.

  2. I share this hope. We have gone to extremes in this country, effectively either unrealistically optimistic or downright cynical; neither of these is particularly constructive. I am hopeful that as a people we grow both more pragmatic and more compassionate.

  3. Happy belated birthday. You are a Scorpio, like me!

  4. Thanks! It was a wonderful day.

    I tend to get along very well with other Scorpio women. We are a rare breed. 🙂

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