Double Feature!

Last night we enjoyed an unintentional double feature.

My husband rented Wall-e from Netflix.  I was rather skeptical, based on the extreme hype, but when I saw the introduction and realized that this was a Pixar product I relaxed and knew I would be entertained.  Once the film started and I saw the petite robot Wall-e dutifully crushing trash, I was charmed.  The relationship with his pet roach, to whom he fed Twinkies, was sweet and sincere.  When the snow-white EVE arrives and Wall-e is smitten to the tune of It Only Takes A Moment, I was hooked.  Little Wall-e is cute, full of personality, and a robot of integrity.  If only we were all so honest and true.

It was pleasure enough to see this first film, but then when my husband switched from DVD to television the opening credits for The Great Escape were rolling on the screen.  I had never seen this movie before – this and From Here to Eternity were still on my life’s to-do list.  What a great film!  My husband commented that Steve McQueen was a natural onscreen, and that in addition to acting he was a race-car driver for several years.   The film itself was great fun, though I was rather confused about the nationality of James Coburn’s character (Louis Sedgewick) due to a very poorly-executed Australian accent. I did not recognize Charles Bronson until nearly halfway through the film, and even then began to say, Is that …?  No it couldn’t be Charles Bronson.

Aside from the unexpected pleasure of seeing some familiar faces, the film itself was fun and at times suspenseful.  Like many films of this genre, however, it was decided deficient in character development; if the focus had been on a smaller set of the war prisoners, this film might have the potential to be considered a true masterpiece, but as is it is merely very entertaining.


5 responses

  1. i went through a ‘double feature’ of a very different. ‘The Killing Fields’ and ‘Hotel Rwanda’. different contexts but same subject. the lowest point to which mankind can fall and the highest amount of strength and character which the same species can display.

  2. Awww sounds like a great night with you and hubby! How cute! Sans popcorn of course! lol

  3. Meraj, to me that is quite a sad evening of film. Perhaps I focus too much on mankind’s failings and not enough on the spirit of strength that propels us forward despite these weaknesses. However, performances in both films were excellent and the package – image, music, text, as Barthes wrote – compelling.

    A toast: Someday may we evolve past our petty grudges and engage in the sort of greatness of which we are eminently capable. Cheers!

  4. Amber, it was a nice evening. I recommend Wall-e for your upcoming personal movie night – absolutely charming!

  5. Cheers to that ilegirl!

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