Food Fest

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  It is one of the most significant US-specific holidays because it marks the survival of the original few immigrants to the land that eventually became an independent nation, and the assistance they received from the native inhabitants of that region.

Like many holidays, with time it has become an excuse to have a day free from work obligations during which one can eat gross amounts of food.

My family will gather at the home of my parents, a short seven mile drive from my own home.  Each of the three daughters dutifully contributes to the table.  I did not realize that green beans and cream of mushroom soup were a staple in the early American diet, but that was my assignment so last weekend I trudged to the local grocery store and secured the requisite ingredients.  This afternoon I decided I ought to contribute something more interesting in addition to this traditional dish, so hunted the Internet for recipes.

My goal was simple: find a yam recipe and a dessert involving apples.

Thirty minutes later, I had a new bookmark folder called Recipes containing nine separate links – including Cumin Scented Stir-Fried Beef with Celery and Glazed Figs with Almond and Thyme.  And, of course, the recipes I sought (which are already prepared for tomorrow’s shameless feasting).

Yum.  I might have to actually cook these things.

Rather, I might have to actually cook.


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