Food continued

I was surprised to receive a large compliment after Thanksgiving dinner yesterday: that my family considers me the best of cooks.

I made a simple yam casserole sweetened with maple syrup, the ‘traditional’ green bean casserole (canned beans, canned soup), and an apple dessert.  All required only simple preparation (though time consuming to cube the yams by hand, as I have no food processor).

I have never considered myself a great cook.  I enjoy entertaining though due to some current home circumstances dining in is not really practical.  When I do entertain I like to find something interesting and new, and sometimes discover a keeper while other times experiencing a dud.  I am not afraid to experiment in the kitchen and indeed, in many other parts of my life my curiosity leads me to both great fun and dismal failure.

In a sense this is an allegory for living a good life.  Experiment, and sometimes one will experience joy while at other times one will droop miserably.  Without the extremes, the balance in between is impossible.


3 responses

  1. Am so drooling at the mouth round about now that meal sounds absofruitly incredible, seriously! I am so visiting you this Christmas yum!

  2. Thanks. It was a nice indulgence to cook. If you are coming for Christmas, I’d better get started on finding some good recipes so as not to disappoint!

  3. I am one of the hardest people to disappoint, seriously you would really have to serve me dog food to do that and if it has a nice salad on the side I probably wouldn’t be disappointed honest

    Ooooo you serve wine with your food? Am busy trying to set up business meetings in order to get my visa, looks like I HAVE to come now due to unforseen circumstances… you want to have a meeting with me? Need to set up lots for embassy lol the US peoples are meanies!

    Njoy lunches and hugs to you and A

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