Important Day in History

Today marks the 24th year since my husband and I became an item.

We met at Ruthie’s Inn, a Berkeley club, in November of 1984, and a month later met again at the same venue. After the show we sat in a restaurant for blissful hours talking, and we both knew we would be together.

Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley CA

Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley CA

Two years later, we married.

Life is not always simple or easy, and our household is not always the serene and warm place that both of us desire, and we sometimes argue, but we do share the inner drive to improve ourselves, support each other, and enjoy one another’s company. We share love and respect, but more importantly friendship. There are many days when, as I drive home from work, we talk on the phone until I arrive in the driveway, and nights where we lie in bed talking to one another about a problem, philosophy, our dreams. Connecting with someone else’s mind is the most intimate of acts, and I feel fortunate that we are both open-minded and committed to one another.

We have a common dream for a peaceful world, but we think differently about how that can be achieved; he is more political, and I am more social. The interesting thing about this is that there is no right or wrong approach. In fact, both together create this beautifully holistic view of the world and how we can, in our own small way, contribute toward resolving some of its problems.

We are both compassionate people, though I have to say we both share a view which many might consider a character flaw: we are cold and dismissive of those who intentionally injure others. But animals, children, the disabled (particularly those who are developmentally disabled), the frail elderly, and people who are mentally ill are subjects of emotional conversations and great heart. We struggle with our inner demons, and strive for balance.

So today I am grateful. I have peace and security in knowing that the next 24 years will bring new insights, challenges, and opportunities.


5 responses

  1. You are an absolutely beautiful couple. I love you both dearly!

  2. Thanks! The feeling is mutual.

  3. Congratulations! You guys sound good…May you guys stay good!

    1. Thanks, Meraj. I wish you and your lovely bride a long and interesting journey as well.

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