The Poetry of Dance

Ideally, management is like dancing.  We have a partner, one of us takes the lead, and the result is a well-executed waltz through corporate bureaucracy into Accomplishment.

At worst, no one takes the lead, someone trips badly, and the motion fizzles out embarrassingly.

I simply cannot dance backwards, so have learned to take the lead.

Last Friday was either my debut on American Grandstand or a scene from Simply Ballroom, as one of my teams coached an exceptionally difficult project into the company’s Production environment.

I have frequently said, There are no tears in software development, unless they are tears of joy when reading beautiful code.  I stand corrected.  Tears are allowed when the battle has been hard fought and finally won.


2 responses

  1. Awwwww….. that is absolutely.. poetic! lol

  2. They did great, despite some setbacks.

    Three down, and three more major projects to go before Christmas.

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