A Fervent Desire

As a society, we have become stale and dull.  We have lost our way in the maze of gadgets and games and personal entertainment devices.  We are lost in our endless need to consume, and as a consequence we have collectively become estranged from our creative energy; we have succumbed to mediocrity and have stopped indulging in greatness and failure, excess and need.  We are, in short, intellectually crippled, emotionally stunted, and spiritually bereft.

We are in desperate need for a new Star Trek series.


5 responses

  1. I think you’ll have to make do with just a new film.

  2. ROFL… Honey we need to take you shoe shopping. You are really going far to far over to the geek side. Come to the dark side… I have cookies. Far better!

  3. I can’t get no satisfaction.

    A film will fill the void for a week, but what then? I long for the anticipation and gratification delivered by a weekly series. I need the constant innovation, the sense of social justice, the promise of humankind’s potential for greatness to see me through these dark days.

    Or, as Amber suggests, perhaps cookies would do.

  4. have been reading your posts, great great stuff always!

    1. Thanks, Smiling Dolphin! I enjoy reading yours as well. 🙂

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