iPhoning it in

My cell phone has recently begun to misbehave, and my purse has become heavy with gadgets and paper lists of things to do.  On Christmas Eve my husband surprised me with an iPhone 3G, which will replace cell, iPod, calendar and notepad.  And an added bonus: I can compete with my virtual sibling as to who has the quickest draw when it comes time to Google something very important, such as the telephone number for Yan’s China Bistro or the name of the movie about the guys who plan to escape from prison after performing in the warden’s pet project: a musical about Admiral Nelson.

One nifty feature my aforesaid almost-blood-relation shared with me is a WordPress editor, which will allow me to compose and edit posts whenever the spirit inspires me.  The only drawback is that there does not appear to be a spellchecker, and I am an atrocious typist on the miniscreen (not so great with a standard keyboard either, truth be told).  Perhaps the next generation will offer this feature.  In the meantime, I am not complaining as the price is right: free.


4 responses

  1. The app should check spelling, as all iPhone typing offers suggestions when the word is wrong. Have you turned this feature off?

    I can recommend a few other useful apps that share the price point:
    Now Playing (Cinema listings)
    Goggle App (With Voice search)
    Easy Wifi (Makes it a LOT easier to connect to Wifi at HPOE (Happiest Place on Earth))

    1. Thanks – I had indeed inadvertantly turned this feature off while experimenting. However, it did not correct me or suggest a correct spelling for inadvertantly when I misspelled it above, so there are limits to the power of the force.

  2. All I have to say is LORD HELP ME!

  3. Amber, this is known as the Jesus phone, so perhaps I can text Him and see what He can do.

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