iTunes it up

My new iPhone is bringing me great enjoyment.  I have spent some time today setting things up, adding details to my address book, working to understand how I can improve the quality of the photos I take with the incorporated camera – essentially, tuning it up.

However, in searching for new ringtones I have attempted to browse the iTunes Store, and find it sorely lacking.  Not only are key tunes missing, there is a sad lack of tunes which can be converted to ringtones.  Further, the search feature requires Job’s patience (ha – didn’t intend the pun and yet there it is), as a simple artist search takes an age to complete, and still fails to sort correctly in the subsequent result set.  In searching for The Beatles, a long list of available tunes was presented and none of the top songs were actually performed by the Beatles.

A bright spot though: in my search for Bob Marley’s Is this love I discovered there is a band called Spock’s Beard.

Live long and prosper, dear friends.


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