Ringtones Tip

It turns out to be easy to make a ringtone from a standard mp3.

I searched and found this YouTube how-to vid.  It was quite simple and worked great.  The presentation and the accompanying music leave something to be desired, but I took the optimistic view and decided these were an attempt at humor.

Caveat: this technique will only work on standard mp3’s.  It will not work on AAC files, and I assume you might experience the same difficulty on tunes downloaded from Napster while they were still using their proprietary format.


2 responses

  1. Here is some advice I posted elsewhere for people who need to convert from iTunes formats to something else:-

    WinFF http://www.topdrawerdownloads.com/download/104928 (Free!) will convert your iTunes files, details on using it here http://www.jakeludington.com/itunes/20071110_how_to_convert_m4a_to_wma.html

    Don’t know how good it is, you will lose some quality as you are converting from one “lossy” format to another.

  2. True indeed – mp3’s themselves are no great thrill when looking for quality.

    My husband tells me that FLAC (free lossless audio codec) is far superior. He uses FLAC a lot while fiddling with various music projects. I wish he’d start his own blog on the topic, as he spends oodles of time researching then experimenting – he’s very patient and completely focussed on quality.

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