Driving on the right side

Something in me changed last year.  All my life I had felt like an oddity, and the disapproval in the eyes of those closest to me confirmed this fact.  My early memories were of being lost, and only one person would be pleased to find me and comfort me.  I was not good enough.  I was not smart enough.  I was too wild.  I was too enthusiastic and happy.  I was not a good Christian.  The one who did love me was a crazy person, not worthy of respect.

I was always driving on the wrong side of the road.

During 2008 I realized that I was doing just fine.

I was driving on the right side of the road.  It’s just that the traffic laws in my country are different.


3 responses

  1. reminds me of this sweet Van Morrison track from ‘Into the Music’

    From the dark end of the street
    To the bright side of the road
    Well be lovers once again on the
    Bright side of the road


  2. Hi Meraj,

    Bright Side of the Road … great lyrics, as they are straightforward and filled with heart.

    We need less harsh and more heart in the world these days.

    Peace to you this new year!

  3. to you too…though right now the situation in Gaza is blaring from my TV. terrible!

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