New Year Resolution #1: Film

This morning I browsed through IMDB’s list of top 250 films, dragged the data into a spreadsheet, then marked off those I have seen.

I expected to find that I have seen abour 50% of the films.  I was a little bit surprised to find I fell short, at only 94.  I counted only those I remembered clearly and had watched from beginning to end, so there are likely a few that were, for me, not very memorable.  And there are a couple (The Exorcist, Rocky and the two Kill Bill movies) which I will likely never see as the topics are not of interest to me.

I realized that I have never seen the entirety of Bridge Over the River Kwai, and not even a little bit of either Godfather flicks.  And I have seen plenty of bad movies in my life – the sort of bad where you feel guilty for cheating yourself out of 90 minutes of your life.

So a fresh resolve for the fresh new year:  see some of these gems:

  • Rashomon
  • Die Hard
  • Brief Encounter
  • The Lady Vanishes
  • Roman Holiday

4 responses

  1. Watch Citizen Kane and The Third Man if you have not already done so
    Overcome your prejudices and watch The Exorcist, like Rashomon it is overrated, but they are both beautifully crafted movies. Neither are Citizen Kane,

    I cannot believe that you have not seen the Godfather, I have it on DVD if you wish to borrow.

  2. Meraj recommended The Third Man, so a few weeks ago I talked my husband into setting it high in the Netflix queue and watched it. I really enjoyed how the light was handled – Dark and Shadow gave marvelous performances.

    My parents would not let me see The Godfather when it was released in theatres – they were afraid it was too mature for a young kid (whatever that might mean). Is it your basic well-made gangster movie, or does it transcend the genre? Yeah, I’d love to borrow it!

    As for Exorcist, I just can’t watch anything relating to the occult. It’s my achilles heel.

  3. all the titles in your list are great ones. am also surprised that you havent had the chance to see Roman Holiday. Godfather brilliantly conveys the fact that even gangsters are human beings dealing with day-to-day affairs which brings it much closer to common people. also, the brilliant performances of three(Brando, De Niro & Pacino)of the most iconic actors of Hollywood adds to the magic.

    enjoy ur list!

  4. I’ve seen the ending of Roman Holiday, so the denouement won’t exactly be a surprise. However, love both Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn so I am interested in the performances.

    Thanks for the feedback on the Godfather movies. I think I will make the effort even though I am not keen on gangster movies in general.

    Last night I watched one that is not on the list: The Stranger. Not the one based on Camus’ great novel, but the one with Orson Welles as a former Nazi official who has escaped to the US, passing himself off as a teacher at an exclusive boys’ school. The story is rather far-fetched, but Welles puts in the kind of solid performance that typified his career.

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