Downloaded this morning:
Kirk’s communicator
Star Wars sound effects

Posted this blog entry with my WordPress app.

In need of therapy.


6 responses

  1. Obviously, I have been gone too long…….

    1. I love my iPhone.

      I think it loves me, too.

  2. You can’t be that bad, you haven’t started Twittering yet!

    1. As I am not a dork
      I do not twitter,
      I prefer live friends
      not some ghostly quitter,

      not some colorless soul
      whose life has gone pale,
      not a flamer or faker or
      dateless white male.

      No I cherish my friends,
      those of brick and mortar,
      and some online pals too
      in the wittier quarter.

  3. Can I possibly save you? You might have gone too far now…… omg!!!! I think a lunch meeting will be required this week…. sheesh.

  4. Too bad it couldn’t be a liquid lunch. It seems I could use it.

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